Services Include:

  • Complete utility plant inspections (overhead and underground)
  • Heat sources found on insulated equipment will allow DDP Technology to identify potential failure points or flash over conditions
  • All Infra Red inspectors are certified
  • Detailed report on components showing any excessive heat signature and recommendations

Infrared scanning detects a rise in temperature, thus allowing it to be used in a variety of applications, including during normal operations.

Infrared scanning is used to scan building envelopes, electrical components and connections for excess heat. When there is a presence of heat, this indicates resistance. In turn, cause of this resistance is most often related to failing components, poor connections, corrosion, load imbalance and/or harmonics.


Many benefits can be derived from infrared scanning including:

  • locating potential problems prior to plant start up
  • reduced downtime and emergency repairs
  • reduced labour required for preventative maintenance by locating specific areas that require repairs
  • minimized scheduled maintenance times
  • extended equipment life
  • increased reliability of plant power distribution system
  • permits the evaluation and verification of repair work
  • prevention of accidents, personal injury and property damage.


No need to remove panels when performing IR Inspections

Drop down window allows for easy access when viewing electrical apparatus

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